One of the wonderful teams at Air New Zealand playing the Market Share game... Collaboration is important within teams who seek to achieve shared goals.

Imagine how productivity would improve if your staff felt more connected to one another.

A brilliant team at Air New Zealand sharpening their negotiation skills while playing the Market Share game.

AIR NZ playing Market Share game Planning.jpg

Planning skills are important for managing your resources and setting a pathway to achieve your organisational goals.  Air New Zealand staff busy formulating plans at a  Market Share training session.

AIR NZ playing Market Share game Strategy.jpg

Air New Zealand staff working together to develop business strategy at a Market Share training session.

China Team Market Share Education Tool Decision Making.jpg

SFSC Group, Shanghai experienced a Market Share training session and voted ‘decision making’ the key attribute they valued from the process.

Market Share game FUN 3.jpg

Fun activities in the work place can improve working relationships and develop social capital.

AIR NZ playing Market Share game Resilience.jpg

As they face the challenges, staff at Air New Zealand work together to overcome the obstacles they face in the Market Share capability development session.

Market Share capability development sessions provide a platform for people to come together in an exciting, non-threatening way and learn how to work together to build a successful business.

Unique to a Market Share event, you'll discover:

Every learning style is incorporated so that no body feels left out

Collaboration is required to make decisions

Integrity is key when it comes to negotiation

Having fun together builds a high trust work environment



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