Our workshops are where we overlay the rules of personal conduct required to enter the business simulation.  The real life business simulation naturally provides an atmosphere to collaborate, negotiate strategize and plan to gain a customer base. Throughout the simulation we set goals to activate the leading outcomes and reinforce the ideas taught in the workshop.

Learners of all types are engaged through this training methodology.

Every workshop is built on a foundation of Non Technical Skills ’NTS' / Soft Skill attributes with a focus on exercising integrity,  building trust,  embracing diversity and creating inclusion in the workplace.

We will tailor a workshop based on key areas of need in the workplace.





Decision Making


Imagine how productivity would improve if your staff felt more connected to one another.

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Market Share capability development sessions provide a platform for people to come together in an exciting, non-threatening way and learn how to work together to build a successful business.

Unique to a Market Share event, you'll discover:

Every learning style is incorporated so that no body feels left out

Collaboration is required to make decisions

Integrity is key when it comes to negotiation

Having fun together builds a high trust work environment



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