Want to develop your business skills while having fun? Then get in touch with Market Share International Limited. On Friday night Nick Hindson, Karen Hindson and their team facilitated their game at MYOB for our Auckland staff and it was brilliant. Playing board games always reminds me of my childhood but this was a lot more competitive than that. And I learnt a lot! The game inspires entrepreneurship through play to build a successful business, and involves using many key skills we use in everyday business life, such as strategic thinking, negotiation, financial management and collaboration. To top it off Navaneethan Subramaniam and I won – I told you it gets competitive!
Thanks for a great evening Nick.
— Shailan Patel Helping students and businesses succeed through the Education & Retail Channels at MYOB across NZ
Catherine McMurtrie.jpg
“There was high energy in the room, and the feedback confirms the teams were also highly engaged.
“Thanks for providing the feedback results – communication and collaboration are areas of specific focus for the team so this session really hit the mark.”
— Catherine McMurtrie - Air New Zealand
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I really admire what Market Share is endeavouring to achieve in helping to grow New Zealand businesses and increase financial literacy of the next generation”
— Elias Kanaris - The Insight and Strategy Group
I had no idea what to expect when I sat down to play Market Share and I couldn’t have been more impressed! The game had my brain working overtime from start to finish and struck a perfect balance between a fun competitive board game and a really valuable learning and development tool. As a young entrepreneur I felt I could relate to and learn a lot from many of the situations we faced in Market Share, I recommend the game to anyone of any age! It’s a game for everyone and you’ll have heaps of fun no matter what your experience level!”
— Johny O'Donnell - Connecting Generations