We were delighted to host Mary and her Business Studies students. Here at the Telecom Foundation, we’re about building a better future for our Kiwi kids and what better way to see that in action than with a group of students fully engaged for a day playing the Market Share game. They were learning valuable business skills and obviously enjoying themselves at the same time! It was even more special to host them at Telecom Place so that they got a fuller experience by being in our work environment and interacting with Telecom people.”
— Lynne Le Gros - Spark Foundation General Manager
We have five Market Share board games in the Business Department and have been very impressed with the engagement that students have with the game. This engagement was not limited to the brief novelty of a new game, in fact I still get asked if we can play the game several months after purchase. Market Share is better than other business board games because it gets the perfect balance between introducing relevant business scenarios while not being too complex for the students to quickly grasp the rules. We have successfully used the game with students from Years 10 to 13. The use of Market Share in the classroom has led to many valuable discussions about business related matters. In addition to playing the game there are ample opportunities to write lessons based around the businesses on the board. I would recommend the purchase of a class set of Market Share board games to any business department.”
— Phil Butler - HOD Business – Orewa College
Want to develop your business skills while having fun? Then get in touch with Market Share International Limited. On Friday night Nick Hindson, Karen Hindson and their team facilitated their game at MYOB for our Auckland staff and it was brilliant. Playing board games always reminds me of my childhood but this was a lot more competitive than that. And I learnt a lot! The game inspires entrepreneurship through play to build a successful business, and involves using many key skills we use in everyday business life, such as strategic thinking, negotiation, financial management and collaboration. To top it off Navaneethan Subramaniam and I won – I told you it gets competitive!
Thanks for a great evening Nick.
— Shailan Patel Helping students and businesses succeed through the Education & Retail Channels at MYOB across NZ
Nick Hindson played Market Share with around 50 students from MIOMO. Even though these 17-24 year olds came from very diverse backgrounds, they all shared a positive report. It was encouraging to see the game stimulate their desire to become fiscally savvy and interested in business.”
— Yvonne Godfrey - Parents Mentor and Life/ Business Coach
Elias Kanaris.JPG
I really admire what Market Share is endeavouring to achieve in helping to grow New Zealand businesses and increase financial literacy of the next generation”
— Elias Kanaris - Forensic Consultant & Lid Lifter
I had no idea what to expect when I sat down to play Market Share and I couldn’t have been more impressed! The game had my brain working overtime from start to finish and struck a perfect balance between a fun competitive board game and a really valuable learning and development tool. As a young entrepreneur I felt I could relate to and learn a lot from many of the situations we faced in Market Share, I recommend the game to anyone of any age! It’s a game for everyone and you’ll have heaps of fun no matter what your experience level!”
— Johny O'Donnell - Connecting Generations