"To grow our economy through business education, 
and to increase the mathematical competency and financial literacy of our next generation."


Play at Work

Market Share offers a great opportunity to network with your clients, spend fun time with your team and even deliver valuable training for your staff. Ask us how Market Share can be tailored to deliver your next training session. Organise a fun afternoon or evening with your team and host a Market Share game event. Invite your clients to the office and play Market Share while your staff get to know your customers even better. 

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Play at School

We have played Market Share in many schools now and the feedback has been overwhelming. It has been great to see such a positive response from the teachers and students. Schools all over the country are using Market Share to engage their students and help them learn important business and financial skills.


Play at Home

Market Share is a fun board game that can be played with family and friends at home. Be careful though... Market Share is competitive and addictive. A great game for a long weekend. Market Share also offers a great opportunity to start a conversation about money and business with your kids. Help teach them some important life skills while having fun.