People make up a business and people make all the difference.

NIck Hindson

Nick Hindson, Managing Director

Nick Hindson is the founder of Market Share International Ltd and developer of the board game Market Share. Nick has previously been the design manager for Hopper Developments Ltd and the Business Development Manager at The Health Network Company, Owner and Designer at Titanium Design Ltd, Director at Luna Group Ltd, Director of Luna Lighting Ltd.


Karen Hindson, Chief Operating Officer

Karen looks after the day to day operations of the company and is also involved in business development and executing company wide strategy.



BRaam Swanepoel

Braam Swanepoel, Director

Braam Swanepoel joined the Board of Directors in January 2012 and is the director and owner of Kingdom Financial Services and was previously the sale director of Apex Finance Ltd. Braam has 23 years experience in sales, finance and insurance. Braam has extensive experience in risk management and business development within international markets including South Africa, Australia, UK and New Zealand.

Leigh Hopper

Leigh Hopper, Shareholder/Advisor

Leigh is the principal shareholder and managing director of Hopper Developments Ltd. Leigh leads a team of very experienced property development professionals and consulting planners and engineers. Leigh maintains strong family values and is a well-respected leader within the organisations and communities that he is involved with.


Luc van der Veen, Shareholder/Director

Luc has worked with corporates in the Netherlands and New Zealand, including Alcatel Lucent, 3M, Vodafone and Ziggo. Luc understands business and the markets that they operate in. Luc has a wealth of experience in sales and marketing along with market management.